Spaghetti and broad beans

Spaghetti with Baby Broad Beans and Cherry Tomatoes

The broad beans add a good dose of lean protein into this purely vegetarian dish, balancing the fat content of the creme fraiche which imparts a lovely creamy texture and flavour: make sure you use a half fat version to keep the saturates under control. The cherry tomatoes add a nice sweet note and the […]

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Vegetable stir fry

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Stir-fry

You will need to have some store cupboard staples to create this dish (rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, noodles and chilli flakes) but once you have them, they last forever and are your tools to turn just about any vegetables and protein source into a meal that takes less time to prepare than […]

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Chickpea and Spinich Casserole

Chickpea and Spinach Casserole

This recipe originally came from my Cranks recipe book which I bought almost 20 years ago. It has been adjusted to reduce the fat content, with few extra spices to compensate, but is otherwise untouched. It is packed with protein and fibre; contains six of your five a day and has a very low GI. […]

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Vegetarian risotto

Asparagus, Broccoli and Pea Risotto

Gorgeous comfort food, with the relatively high GI of the arborio rice balanced by a good dose of vegetables (around 3 portions per serving) and a reasonable protein hit from the peas and parmesan. Serve on its own or with a green salad dressed with hot olive oil in which seeds have been sizzled to […]

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Potatos bravos

Patatas Bravas

An essential part of any tapas meal, but also lovely served as an accompaniment to fish or meat. In our house, I separate the tomato sauce once most of the ingredients have been combined and add lots of dried chilli flakes to one pot before leaving both sauces (one hot, one not) to simmer down […]

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A really easy starter or served as part of a tapas spread, this is full of tomatoes (loads of vitamin C and fibre) and tastes really good: a great way to pack in one of your five a day. Bruschetta Print Recipe Marinated tomatoes, onions and basil served on crispy wholemeal or seeded baguette, CourseStarter […]

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