Chickpea and Spinich Casserole

Hooray for Flavinoids

Long known for their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, a recent study has also found that a diet rich in flavonoids is linked to lower weight gain. The headlines focused on fruits as a source, notably berries and apples, but obviously a diabetic needs to limit their fruit intake because of the high sugar content. […]

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Thai Fish Curry

Diabetic Thai Curry

After all the traditional Christmas fare, followed by some relatively unrestrained gorging of pizza, pasta, risotto and ice cream during our trip to Rome, it has been time to get back to healthy eating. I am currently craving spice and so have been serving up a variety of curries since our return. Of course, in […]

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Vegetarian risotto

Comfort Food

For me, there is nothing quite as comforting as a lovely big bowl of velvety, creamy risotto and our recent jaunt to Rome has left me feeling extremely comforted, if a little uncomfortable around the waistband. The problem with it, diabetically speaking, is that it has to be made with Arborio rice (which is white […]

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Christmas tree1

It’s Christmas Already

Well, technically it’s not. Mercifully, given my usual state of utter disorganisation, it isn’t for another two weeks. But today was our annual ritual of having the grandparents over for lunch and putting up the tree. Christmas songs blaring out and dog kitted out in Santa outfit, we spent all afternoon festooning the tree in […]

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