Rachel Brown - Hedonistic Diabetic

The Hedonistic Diabetic

How to love life (and food) and not lose your sense of humour.

About four years ago, we were ambling through our early middle age, blithely ignoring the tell-tale signs wrought by a lifetime love of good food and drink (combined with an aversion to anything too strenuous apart from the odd boogie)!

Chances are that if you are reading this, you too will be familiar with the expanding girth, the depletion of energy resources and a general sense that all is not entirely well.

It is also quite likely that either you or your partner has made the dreaded trip to the doctors and that the bombshell has been dropped.

My husband’s diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes was alarming and saddening by turn, not only for the potentially life-limiting outcome, but also for the inevitable cramping of lifestyle that we envisaged. I exaggerate not, when I say that it was one of the best things that ever happened to us.

While he got on with the sweaty business of exercise biking away the odd stone or five, I got back in the kitchen saddle and set off on a voyage of discovery to eat ourselves back to good health.

I have always loved cooking and feeding the people that I love, and have now found a way of doing so that is still delicious (even though I do say so myself) but is no longer likely to kill them.

I am still discovering new ways to feed our hedonistic foodie cravings, keeping the pounds, sugar and cholesterol at bay while satisfying our appetite for great tasting meals, whether it be simple family suppers or slap up meals with friends.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me and wish you good fortune on your path to much improved health and vitality: my husband’s last four diabetic health checks have revealed test results to be expected from a non-diabetic and he feels great.

And so do I!

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