Rachel by the sea

The Big Five Oh!

Today is my birthday and (after the usual morning routine of prising two teenage girls out of bed and shoving them out of the front door to start their journey to school) I indulged myself and the dog in an extra-long walk. And what a walk it was. It’s a beautiful, fresh autumnal morning and as I climbed up my favourite hill, out of the mist, I was rewarded with this.
As the cold, clean air filled my lungs and the sun warmed my face, I passed the spot where my parents’ ashes are scattered, said a silent hello and revelled in being alive. Today, I feel fantastic. I am full of energy (a fantastic by-product of my weekly fast day yesterday) and I am full of gratitude for the beautiful place in which I live and my wonderful family and friends and their birthday wishes.
I didn’t feel anything like this on my 40th, 30th or even my 20th birthdays. I am the fittest I have ever been, thanks to my daily walking regime, my weight loss and my eating habits. I am full of optimism for what the next decade has in store for me and I’m looking forward to going out for a slap up meal tonight (with lots of hedonistic bubbles) and away for a seaside getaway in Pembrokeshire this weekend. Coastal walks, seafood, more bubbles in both glass and bath and just me and my fabulous, hedonistic diabetic man. Bliss.

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