Chestnut and Sage Soup

This soup is a lovely hearty and warming lunch to enjoy in the autumn and winter months and it is super easy. I used wild harvested chestnuts, but you can use tinned or vacuum packed ones. Actually, it makes it even quicker as peeling 400g of boiled chestnuts is quite labour intensive if truth be […]

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Hearty nut roast

Hearty Nut Roast and Onion Gravy

Inspired by an article I read about heart health and the vitamins and minerals most beneficial to the cardiovascular system, I was inspired to make this recipe which is from the Hairy Bikers healthy eating phase. It contains just about all the nutrients recommended in the article, is totally delicious and has the added advantage […]

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Potatos bravos

Patatas Bravas

An essential part of any tapas meal, but also lovely served as an accompaniment to fish or meat. In our house, I separate the tomato sauce once most of the ingredients have been combined and add lots of dried chilli flakes to one pot before leaving both sauces (one hot, one not) to simmer down […]

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